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Our initial contact was with Michael Wathen as he is our neighbor and after talking to Michael and David we knew who we were listing with. They were able, using their strategy, to quickly sell our house above Listing! Debbie was very knowledgeable and friendly. Quite an asset to the team.

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I hired The Hard Working Nice Guy’s Team because of the past 32 years of excellent service I’ve had with them. They are like family. I most appreciated how easy it is to contact them.

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DEE CASH, December ’22

David cares about the client relationship and truly knows the market and process better than anyone else. I appreciated David taking the time to help us create a punch list to prepare our home for listing. I also appreciated his counsel during every part of the process. We feel as through David treated us as his own family. Our needs and interests were top priority to him. Debbie is the kindest lady! She is also dependable, courteous, and provided response and info to other professionals when needed. She made the paperwork easy! Thanks so much, David! No one will ever compare to you and Debbie.

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JUSTIN & JAMIE MATOS, November ’22

I have sold four other houses with David and knew that he would do the best job. I was nervous about the buyer having to wait on a mortgage approval. David and Debbie made a list of timelines that showed me the daily progress. As always, Debbie was informative, prompt and professional in every aspect of the sale! David made each call feel like I was his only client. I will likely sell another property this year and it will be sold by David!

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The Hard Working Nice Guy’s Team was a referral from another agent. I most appreciated the team’s honesty. Debbie was incredible! She was accountable, responsive, helpful, and nice.

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After our initial consultation with David and Michael, we were very impressed with their knowledge of the area and market. Coming from out of state that was so helpful and much needed. Michael was very patient with us throughout the whole process and stuck with us in finding just the right home in the area we wanted to be in. Debbie is so very helpful and stays on top of it all. She is very kind and quick to reply. The Hard Working Nice Guy’s team gave great advice, looked for the small details and made us aware of those, explained how the process of buying a home in FL worked, gave us recommendations for contractors, etc.

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I had previous experience with David. He had incredible patience with me. Debbie is superb! She is always quick to respond.

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MATT MASON, February ’22

We know and trust Michael, and have heard wonderful things about David and Debbie. How available the team was to us was so helpful, and how thorough the explanations were. Debbie felt like a friend and was so quick to reply and help us with all our needs! Michael and the team took great care to fight for our needs and vision when going through the process.

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We hired The Hard Working Nice Guy’s Team because we had bought another house with David. I appreciate them always giving updates and being available. They are reliable and honest.

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Michael was one of the few agents that took me seriously and I really appreciated that. The focus on education was really appreciated. Made it feel like we were partners in this transaction, and helped me see them working in my best interests. Debbie was always there with the information I needed when I needed. Also, her informational emails were really appreciated. Michael has been amazing. Could not have asked for a better agent or experience.

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